Therapy Is An Opportunity!

We are Marriage Family Therapists in Folsom and we would like to help you find emotional health and well-being in your life and relationships. You can improve your life by creating a better relationship with yourself and others. Whether you are struggling with individual, couple, or family issues, or trauma from your past, participating in therapy can provide a unique opportunity for change and improvement in your life and relationships.

Relationships have their ups and downs. Has your relationship become more about arguing than expressing love? Do you spend more time apart than together or feel more like parents than lovers? If so, read more about how couples counseling can help you reconnect with your spouse or partner in a healthy and loving way. (read more)

Does your home life feel chaotic? Are family members yelling more than talking? Does family "togetherness" seem more like a chore than a joy? It can be helpful to explore the patterns of interaction that interfere with the enjoyment of being with the people you love. (read more)

Are you down on yourself? Do you feel you cannot win or seem to worry all the time? Are you in a stressful relationship? Do you have negative self-talk, set unreasonable expectations for yourselves, or feel an overwhelming need to please others? Struggling with emotional distress can lead to anxiety or depression. Therapy can help you learn ways to manage emotional distress. (read more)

Even when we try to forget the past it may continually creep into our daily lives. Do you find yourself reliving bad memories? Or do you continually go down the same path that triggers a trauma from long ago (PTSD)? If so, read more about how EMDR therapy can help you to move out of the past and into a brighter future.(read more)

We have the knowledge and experience as well as a warm comfortable approach to help people faced with these concerns. We enjoy our work and have been in the field for years helping individuals, couples, and families deal with many stressful issues.

Calling a therapist can be difficult but we encourage you to take the step. Evening and weekend appointments are available. We also offer a free phone consultation. Please don't hesitate to call or email us using our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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